Allow minor error messages to be resolved remotely

I’ve been using the form 2 for a couple years now and I must say I’m overall satisfied with the experience so far. But my projects involve large prints, usually involving 20-50 hours of print time and a relatively large amount of resin (couple hundred ml).

The issue with this print profile we have is the constant necessity of replacing the resin cartridge mid print. It’s not really a problem, but most of the time that happens when I’m far from the printer (I…e., I’m home).

It would be great to be able to resume the print with the tank contents, which most of the time is sufficient to terminate the print. This allows me to deliver the result I need faster, without having to drive all the way to work just to press a button. Is there a way to implement this feature in the dashboard?


Thanks so much for your suggestion! I’ll make sure this gets passed up the chain. :slight_smile:

I agree! Would be great as well to be able to ignore the “failed to reach temperature” warning before a print.

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