Remember password for dashboard

This only seems to apply for those who have multiple dashboard accounts. If you only have one dashboard account, you can log in and, for the most part, Preform will keep you logged in. However, if you are switching between accounts, you always have to re-enter the password. Preform does not seem to be using any sort of account retention and does not allow access to any password store (i.e. Google Chrome).

Any chance we could have account data retention? I have long ago given up trying to create my own passwords and simply let the system generate one, since most applications will retain or at least allow access to a password store. As a result, I don’t bother trying to remember passwords. I need to go to the google password store, log in to my google account, search for the password, then copy/paste. Sure, that works but we have grown accustomed to almost instantaneous logins :wink:


Hi @SteamFactory,

Noted - I will pass this feedback along!

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