Remember Quality Improvement Project response after initial run of PreForm

Can you please add a feature to remember the selection if we choose not to participate in QIP. I work for a government contractor so EAR99 and other regulations do apply to us, and our company policy does not allow us to share crash data. I’m afraid that if for any reason any of this information did get shared by mistake the company would cease use of the software and all of our printers. As it is we can’t use the Dashboard due to these regulations. We love these printers and what they produce and my boss would like to get us a few more 3+ and another 3L so a one time opt out button or similar would be ideal so we don’t risk losing the use of our printers. I’m sure this goes for those in the medical field as well.

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If i remember correctly, that problem appears when you had some older version of preform installed, that had a different structure for the data stored in the windows registry. Try to delete the key mentioned in the last post of this thread:

Thanks! I deleted the registry key and it worked for a while but seemed to come back some versions later. I too would really appreciate if Formlabs could make the choice more “sticky”.

Hi all,

Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this. I agree that it would be ideal for the information gathering selection in PreForm to be more “sticky” or permanent, at least on any particular version of PreForm. I’ve submitted this feedback to the team for consideration.

I’m on a company computer with high security, so the odds of me being able to get anything done to the registry are pretty slim. I don’t have the administrative privileges myself so I’d have to get it approved through IT.

Hi, thanks for your feedback! We’ll take this into consideration with future changes.

In the current design, we only show this dialog again if something changes or we add other options. This happened with a previous update when we added crash reporting, and just happened with an additional file upload option in 3.28.0 (this is opt-out by default and must be intentionally enabled/confirmed). If you do get the change mentioned above approved by IT to clear out the old key, you shouldn’t see this dialog anymore until something else changes and needs confirmation - please open a support case if this still happens so we can help resolve it!

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