Preform 3.23.1 not respecting crash report choice

Since installing to Preform 3.23.1 I keep getting this dialog every time I open the software:

I leave the box unchecked and hit “OK”. But the dialog comes back every time I open the software.

Anyone else (who chose not to consent to data collection) experience that?

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Yes, other people (@bolsoncerrado) had the same experience.

It is probably a bug in the handling of the data stored in the windows registry created by older versions of Preform. I deleted HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Formlabs. After that Preform does show the dialog only once.

A new key named DataCollectionConsent is created which stores data which was previously located in NetworkLoggingRegistry. If you dont want delete the whole Formlabs key it is probably sufficient to delete all entries of NetworkLoggingRegistry.

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Cool but I’m on a Mac… :confused:

I may have to try to delete the whole app instead of installing it “on top”.

I don’t have any experience with macOs products. I guess this data is stored somewhere in the home dir of your mac user: ~/Library/Preferences or ~/.local

Thanks guys. Deleting the key you mentioned fixed it: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Formlabs\PreForm\DataCollectionConsent

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