Regular replacement/refreshing of resin needed?

I’ve read that resin remains usable for 1-month when left inside the printer. If I’m printing every 1-2 days… is it recommended that I still dispose of my resin on a monthly basis or should I just keep using the resin until I start having errors? I’m going to hit my 1-month mark soon, still using my original canister of resin so not sure if I should be dumping the recycled resin after 1 month or continue using it.

Resin is good for 1 year, you don’t need to replace it after a month, it’s probably best though to remove the tray from the printer and store it somewhere dark with the black cover on top of it.


To be fair the printer’s cover is good enough to protect the resin from the UV light, these things have been around for ages and are well known for their efficiency.

IMHO the supposedly small gain from storing the tray away is offset by the dust contamination risk on both the tray’s and printer’s windows.

If I was using only one type of resin and print every couple of days, I’d leave the tray in the machine constantly.

Yeah, there’s no need to remove it from the printer if you’re printing fairly regularly.

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