Reducing build platform stage in Preform software

Hello! I am new here and unsure as to where to put this question, so please forgive me if it is not in the correct category.

I have an inquiry about modifying the PreForm software for the Form 1+ printer. Background: I am working in a bioelectronics lab utilizing the printer for fabrication of objects for biomedical application. The goal is to use the printer to print “softer” materials such as PEG.

Alongside printing with different materials, we’d also like to reduce the build volume to the size of about a 100mm (diameter) petri dish by modifying both the resin tank and build platform. We’ve begun modification of the hardware, but would also like to set constraints for the user on the Preform software.

Essentially, we would like to reduce the size of the Preform “stage” to correspond to the reduced size of our modified build platform design. If we are even able to successfully print with the modified parts, is it possible to alter the Preform software to accomplish this goal? If so, I would very much appreciate any advice on how to do this!

Thanks for any comments/questions/advice!

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