Receiving flash at the bottom and bur on prints

I am receiving flash (extra material and bur marks) on the parts. These has started off lately… I cleaned the tank, mirror and using new resin tank.;
Could any of these be the reason:

or this could be laser flare issue for Form 2 ??

I see this more on the F1+ with climate change, but even humidity change can alter the environment within the somewhat sealed F2. One of the big problems is pigment and accelerator distribution in the resin, and it varies from beginning to the end, at the same time that the reactivity changes over time. The ability of Formlabs and NextDent/TNO to get the amazing results they are from resin technology hinges on very fragile balances, including practicality. Ultimately, there will have to be different replenishing systems that allow slower resin consumers to use smaller volumes without penalty, as well as further improvements in the EPDM surfacing (or recommendations with each resin for replacement). Pigments allow Formlabs to reduce the blooming effect, but a printing protocol that is designed for a specific pigment dispersion will result in a scum layer as the pigment density decreases and the EPDM blurs increases. Also, the denser pigmented resins will be radiated longer, which appears to age the EPDM faster in cases where the print job has big thick areas. Of course that is a compelling reason to develop a better tank surface (like FEP), but that should have been done long ago when the industry had already begun shifting away from EPDM.

Unfortunately, NextDent was acquired but the Dark Star 3DSystems, and has lost some of its independence, so they are less-likely to assist Formlabs in optimizing their print protocols for each of these exciting new resins. I so much appreciate Formlabs’ efforts to bring us these resins for their printers, and at a reasonable cost, and realize the amount of effort and the risk is daunting. I am doing all I can to promote Formlabs to my dental friends, and hope that helps in some small way. I wish there was a midlevel support community that could participate in refining and facilitating this tedious process with these resins.

I also get flashing around the base. I suspected a software issue . never used to do that last year. It started with one of the updates

Same here!
Got some flakes of material on the part for no reason, even after cleaning the glass window and using a new tray.

How are internal sharp corners looking? Some of them come out rounded, especially with black resin, while the STL file was a sharp corner.

Same here, but I couldn’t remember which update. It would be nice if there was more explanation as well as option for feedback, but I guess we aren’t in the inner circle.

It’s slightly annoying that they only report to have done “minor bug fixes” or “minor optimizations”, but never the details…

A quick thought only the old user are facing this issue, could build platform be the cause?? When should be change build platform??

Thanks for doing a bit of troubleshooting by cleaning the tank and optical window. There are a few different things that can cause this and our support team will be best suited to help out further. A member of our team will get in touch with you over email.

It looks like other users in this thread are having similar issues. Opening a ticket with our support team helps us to track potential bugs like this internally so we can get an idea for the number of affected users and identify whether it’s a software or hardware facing issue.

Cleaned the optical window again today!! Changed material from White to Clear… waiting for results… Help to me is difficult - I am based in India, got this machine through my aunt in USA (before Novabenas became sales partner in India) … always believed Formlabs… I have delivered the best using Form2 to my clients… I will try all possible means to come out of this situation as well…
I will soon be placing order for another one machine…

Have you resolved this issue?