Receipts from store

As HTML can be (and is) a carrier of malware, tracking junk, etc. and I do not generally allow it in my email. Plaintext is totally fine for email, and I for one would appreciate it if you would send simple one page receipts in plain text. When using this printer for business, these receipts need to be printed and filed, and having 3 pages of crap @ like 24pt font with images squished into a skinny column in the center of the page for a one line order is just %#^& wrong. Seriously, who thought this was a good idea?

It’s just a receipt for stuff I paid for, for me, for my records - not a frigging advertising platform for you! If you must send tracking crap from, then PLEASE send an additional PLAINTEXT RECEIPT for printing by people who need hardcopy receipts, and so I can promply delete the HTML one. Jeez.

Plus, think of the baby trees!

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