Send me a shipping label

Im done waiting on a resolution, send me a label. Im shipping this thing back, there is no reason I have to jump through all these bs hoops to get help. $3500 printer than breaks on print two is garbage in my opinion. And the fact you cannot talk to a person is a red flag already.

5 days and counting, no resolution.

I got in touch with our team to check on this for you and we did process a replacement unit for you within one day of your opening the original ticket. You should have received a response from our team regarding the replacement last Friday (July 7th) so let me know if that isn’t the case and I’ll work to track things down for you. We want to make sure that you’re able to create parts without issue well beyond 2 prints and we’ll work to make that possible for you.

All I heard was what was or could happen. I have yet to see anything. No follow ups, no emails, no phone call, no tracking, no proof that anything was ever done beyond “we will process this”

And just to confirm, the replacement wasnt processed within one day. This is day 6 and “still working on it”. How long does it take to print a shipping label?

8 days. Nothing.

Looks like someone else who never checks they spam folder.

No, its more like…we are processing. We usually dont do it this fast, etc.

12 days, still waiting.

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