Rafts are inconsistently too thin after printer update

Recently updated my printer’s software. Ever since, some of my parts print with very thin rafts that do not match the raft thickness set up in PreForm. If I print an older file saved on my printer, or a new one that is relatively small, the raft prints as expected. Only when I print larger parts or many parts at once do the rafts print too thin. Although the accuracy of the rest of the print does not appear to be affected, the thin raft is a lot more difficult to remove from the platform and more generally just concerning because it does not match the geometry of the model in PreForm.

While I have not measured the rafts, I have also been confronted with hard to remove and brittle rafts. I often end up having to release the part from the supports directly from the build platform and then clear the rest of the resin with difficulty using pliers and a rigid exacto knife.

This is with Tough resin and the last update.

I just got my printer and my rafts have been fine, I have only printed a few small things , today I will print a larger print and see how it goes

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