Question about my SLA products

Hello everyone. Currently, I am working on a school project which is about printing gears using SLA printers. However, my products are produced with an extra layers which required further polishing to remove it. Is the location of the support causes this issue? How can I prevent it rather than polishing?

Thank you!


It looks like you printed the parts parallel to the print surface, that will mean that the first layer of the part that prints won’t have enough support and the layer will be damaged when it moves thing around to print the next layer.
To fix it, either print directly to the tray (make sure the part has some extra material on the bottom that you can sand off) or you need to tilt the part so that it starts at a small point, but will require careful placement of supports.

Thank you for your reply!

Yes you are right. I printed the parts parallel to the platform. I will try again by tilting the parts.

Thank you so much!

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