Quest about Raft in Preform 3.6.1

I just updated both Preform 3.6.1 and my Form 2 machines to the latest firmware.
Can’t say I’m overly excited about the new Preform screen. To glitzy. I liked the old look.

Anyway. When I run old Form files I see the raft as it should be. But if I create a new Form file it doesn’t show the raft at all. I’ve chosen Full Raft and expect it to show so I can adjust spacing.

Any input on this?

Figured it out. One more thing I don’t like about the new Preform.
I staid with an old version as the new updates were screwing up my prints. Figured I’d get the latest a try seeing the Form 3 is out and basically running.
Again, too many bells and whistles for me. I liked the older setup. Oh well. that’s life.