Quartz mineral deposits

I got a pretty awesome set of prints using the clear resin. Thanks to Jason for the .stl file!


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Any photos or models for us?

Patience, Iago! :wink:

I started with the “Crystal” model by user omega on GrabCAD ( http://grabcad.com/library/crystal–2) but then I modified it a bit in SolidWorks to better resemble tapered quartz crystals (and everyone’s favorite LEGO pieces  http://www.findmybrick.com/images/P1310231.JPG).

I also just saw this site:  http://www.formeit.co.uk/default/reference-models/mineral

There are quite a few 3D scanned crystals

Nice.  Are these layers at 50 microns or 25? And how tall are the prints?