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Crystal Onix

I’m a huge Pokemon fan, and I love working with our Clear resin, so I decided the other day to make my favorite pokemon: Onix! And not just any Onix, but the one from episode 87… the Crystal Onix!

The one from the show is powder blue and looks more like antifreeze than crystal, but I gave it a go with our Clear and it looks really cool. I printed it at 50 and because it’s a spiral, the large size didn’t give me any issues whatsoever!

I’m going to put a UV blocking coat on it and paint the eyes. If we have IPA that’s been heavily used for Castable, I might stick it in there, as that can sometimes tinge parts blue.


Wow, I love it! The frosted look of the clear looks so nice.I was expecting something totally different, so I was pleasantly surprised to see a Pokemon. This is modern geek art :slight_smile:

Nice print! What will you use to stop any yellowing?

She mentioned using the UV blocking spray; UV is what makes it yellow, over time.

Nice print! Have you uploaded the stl file anywhere? I’d like to try printing it.

pokemon is best ever game so far .