Putty or epoxy that works with your print

I have a successful set of prints but on piece has a bit of a chip on it. I plan to cast my prints so I’m sanding and prepping my parts.
What epoxy or putty that air dries and can be sanded works best with the form 2 print resin. I was thinking a plumbers putty like what some use on resin model kits. Any brands would be great. Thanks!!

Somewhere on the forum, a very long time ago, someone suggested Apoxie Sculpt. When I need to fill, repair, etc. I use it. Many here will suggest using resin as well. Resin is probably the best material to use, as long as you have an external way to cure it. I do use resin from time to time but if you are using a solid color, I am not sure about the cure depth you are going to get and that is where I reach for the Apoxie.

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You can build up deep blemishes with more resin and a UV LED. Fill the hole, cure the resin, apply more until you’ve built up enough to sand down flush with the surrounding surface. If you fill blemishes with something that doesn’t burn off cleanly during casting, you’ll just end up with the same blemishes (in negative) in the finished casting.

Yeah, the resin can be used to fill cracks and bubbles, it sands down perfectly.