Resin Casting with FL resin?

Hey all,

I want to cast something really small. Planning on doing this on the quick so was going to use some mold putty to make the mold and just pour in some FL clear v2, leaving it near the window for a few days. Would I need some sort of release agent on the mold? Or would that interfere with the curing? just wondering if anyone has had any experience in using FL resins for this?

Printer resin isn’t going to be very good for casting. You can get small quantity’s of clear casting resin at pretty much any large craft store. It sets really quick and will be a lot more stable.

For release you can use a very light coat of cooking spray. Lighter the better because it will likely put some color and surface texture in the casting.

Cheers Fred, I have a tiny amount of the clear left that can never be used for printing so figured maybe I can save money and use it. The parts I need are so tiny I doubt I will need the rest of the two part stuff, also casting resin has pretty bad fumes :-S