Filling gaps and cracks

So I have this 7-piece print that I have had the hardest time putting together, It didn’t print to perfectly fit together and I wonder if I used the formlabs resin it might have. So I first glue the pieces together with 2-part epoxy then I have been trying to fill the gaps with lasered on resin for a smooth finish but it has not worked too well.

anyone have a good way to fill the cracks and gaps? some material I can squeez in the cracks and smooth out perhaps? Any help would be much apreciated D:

I generally use a mix of modellers putty then brush on some resin and seal using a laser pointer. Sand to smooth finish. A rubber sanding block is invaluable.

There is “Squadron” putty used by various moldel building hobbies. I use it on my trains. Also a professional auto body product not likely found at Home Depot etc is called “Nitrostan”. I use them both.

I normally just wear glives and smear resin over the cracks, put the model in water and let it harden in daylight. Always worked well enough for me (even helped me to make transparent prints optically clear really easily!)

There’s also always good 'ol Bondo automotive filler too.

Thanks so much guys, I will be looking for these and trying them out :slight_smile: when I looked up modelers putty I found this site which seems to be pretty helpful, at least for me who has never heard of these things.

Also: try Wood putty, the kind they use for woodworking. It sands to a very smooth finish and you can dab it by hand so as long as you wash properly.

You can also fill cracks by filling the gap itself with Baking soda and applying a Cyanoacrylate glue of choice. It’ll crystallize instantly to a very hard surface you can sand afterwards.

Hobby fillers are also good. I recommend Green putty (you can dilute it with acetone) and Tamiya or Gunze’s own putty line. They are very heavy on the fumes, but dry hard and nice.

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