Prusa SL1 resin compatible?



recently Prusa3D set their resins for sale on their website and I wonder to know, if the resin is usable with Form 1+ printer ? I called their support team and they said, that Prusa SL1 will support many resins from 3rd parties.
It uses obviously same wave lenght 405nm as Form printers.

Thank you for any thoughts



Prusa LS1 is an LCD type printer. These printers usually have very high light sensitivity, not suitable for the Form printers.

Peopoly Moai is a comparable printer to the Form 1+. Those resins should work fine.


even use with OpenFL it won’t work ?


Why don’t you just try it? In OpenMode with the clear profile (less laserpower than black eg) something shall come out. Maybe, if fantasy2 is right, it’s overcured but there should be no big problem.


well, it will be expensive experiment


dont do it , i have done and crash the tank LT