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Form 1+ Laser Modification - Peopoly Moai

I have been doing some testing of different mods for the Form 1 and Form 1+. I know that these are old printers, but they are still great printers and you can still get some really great results from them, even in stock form.

Most recently, I’ve been testing a Peopoly Moai laser in a Formlabs Form 1+. These examples were printed using Peopoly Black Model Resin, with a profile I tuned using an OpenFL custom material profile.

I will make an effort to post here as much as possible, but you can also follow the work we are doing on Facebook in the Formlabs 1+ Group (it is a public group):

You can also follow our OpenFL work, and find the Moai laser resin profile at:


Dear @lavachemist, which kind of VAT are you using with form 1/1+ ?
FEP VAT like the MOAI one compatible ?
Many thanks !