Protection Glas/Case

Hey Guys,

i got a Question abount the Case/Glas that covers the Printer.
Does this realy protect me from the UV Light that comes from the Printer?

And what type of Material is that?
Thx alot. :slight_smile:

The Orange cover does protect you from the laser. For laser safety and specifications click here.

As far as what it’s made out of…I believe it’s Perspex acrylic. As far as what its mixed or coated with to block the harmful laser, maybe an expert or FL employee can explain as I am not sure.

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I should also add the orange cover doubly protects the resin from ambient UV light. So it’s safe to keep in the machine as long as the cover is down.

That being said…read this thread and decide for yourself if you wish to leave the tray in the machine at all times.

The cover is mostly to prevent outside light from curing the resin but it works both ways.

The orange cover is a special polycarbonate tinted to keep UV light from curing resin inside the printer. From our testing, the cover does successfully block most all UV light from the interior of the printer and resin can safely be left inside even in bright conditions.

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