Protective sleeve (anti-static & uv resistant)

As a keen photographer, I’ve always been weary of dust particles getting into my mirrors and sensors when I change a lens, yet am always impressed by the ability of some of those suckers getting in there anyway…

For the same reason I’ve decided to make an anti-static sleeve for my FL1+.
Looking into some easy to source materials, I was digging the sound of using Mylar (for some reason I’ve always thought its has high UPF, which would be a bonus).

Two questions:
a) I’ve been doing some searchin’ but cant quite find a data sheet on the stuff. Anyone know if it is truly UV protective?

b) The classic space-blanket you can get off Amazon is “reflective” on both sides. Would that technically mean that any light that is emitted by the laser and attempting to leave the housing is then being bounced back, effectively having an opposite effect…?

c) Any other suggestion for material or perhaps better use of my time? :slight_smile:



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