Coating bulk quantity parts for use outside

We’ve done a lot of research on Formlabs printers but there is one main thing holding us back. Many of the parts we make will need to be used oudoors where there is exposure to wide range of temperatures and exposure to sunlight (UV).

**Does anyone know what product and process to use to quickly coat 3D printed parts so they don’t degrade in sunlight? I don’t have time to hand spray-coat every little part we make so i’m looking for a batch process.

Feedback or suggestions are most welcome. Thank you.


Does anybody have any ideas?

You might try putting the parts in a basket and dipping in PPG’s clearcoat. It’s designed to absorb ultraviolet light and protect paint, but would serve as well to protect the resin. You’ll need 2 mils to get sufficient protection, and 3 is better. I don’t know what kind of detail you have, but it may show some rounding.

You’ll have to figure out how to drain off the liquid without drip marks.

i have no idea of the permanence after coating, but the raw resins are in general, and in my experience, quite vulnerable to UV degradation.

I expect the formulas will vary in their durability under attack, but I don’t believe there’s any data available. A quick patent search I did wasn’t particularly relevant, with a number of applications having expired due to inactivity.

Good luck!

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