Problems with channels closing in microfluidic devices using Clear resin

So I have been trying to develop some microfluidic devices and for some reason I think the Form 3 is cross-linking areas that should not be. Some of my smaller features, down to only 1mm diameter are completely solid after I break the print to examine the cross-sectional area. I suspect that the UV light is exposing these areas since the clear resin allows for more light to pass through and reflect off of the printbed and other areas. I’ve seen some other posts on clear resins and microfluidics that look pretty good but I think they were using a Form 2. Is the UV laser specific to the Form 3? So far I am using a $250 AnyCubic to make these prints and it performs really well but the resin is sort of a transluscent green. If anybody has any suggestions on fine tuning the Form 3 for clear resin that would be great.