Problems appears when casting Castable Wax

Hi people !
First, excuse my English, as I’m French, I could make some mistakes :slight_smile:

It’s aimed for the Dental users as I am

I’ve recently experienced problems when using Castable Wax.

It’s not the first time I using this resin, and i’ve get very good results usually.

I’ve recently changed my bottle of resin, so the resin is new
Results from the printing are perfect !

I’m using the same Investment ( GC Fujivest II) as I always do

I’m using the same “burning” programs as l always do

Here I post a photo of the cast

So I’ve change the “burning” program, using the Castable Wax Guide one found on the Formlabs website, but the results are the same …

I think there is a problem with the resin itself … because when i’m using Dental Wax, the results are good.
I’ve tried a cylinder with a mix of Castable Wax and Dental Wax, and only the Castable Wax parts were defects

I’ve no clues now, and any help would be greatly appreciated !

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