Problem Purchasing Materials for International

Hi. Sorry if this is posted in the wrong place, but there is just no way of contacting you guys otherwise. I need to purchase two resin tanks for a Form 1 printer, but my country (Mexico) is just not listed anywhere in the different “stores” you have available. I also tried to re-order from my previous purchases, in the “Orders” section in my dashboard, but it simply won´t happen. How can it happen that you simply wipe off a whole country of clients?


Carlo, we’ve been having a lot of problems with the customs in Mexico and so we’ve paused shipments to this region (most shipments were just not getting through).

We are actively working on the issue and will have shipping to Mexico back up as quickly as possible.


Any tentative date to restart the service? So, in the meantime, what should I do to continue my work? Buy a new brand of printer, with available consumables?

Carlo, we don’t have an estimated resolution date as this depends on variables outside of our control. In the meantime, you can work with a freight forwarder who is familiar with customs in Mexico to receive resin orders if you need.


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