Prints not sticking to platform, and now error 41

printer has been having a ton of problems lately. mostly the issue was prints not sticking to the platform, and after trying to print with new resin, tank and platform, I’m getting error 41. always during layer 1. factory reset did nothing. this is extremely frustrating. can anyone help?

I had same error.
10 minute job to re seat loose galvanometer and working fine now.
Contact support for how to sheets.

There are several posts about error 41 on the forum. While I cannot help directly, search in the upper right corner for “error 41” There are many posts regarding this error. IIRC correctly the printer is having trouble reading the galvanometers and the machine needs to be serviced.

Clean the platform with IPA then scrub it in one direction with a stainless steel brush (hard). Clean with IPA. Do this every time before a print. No failures.

I agree this would give you great adhesion but you shouldn’t need to do that before every print. You should always check the platform for debris and burrs but I would only use a brush if you feel something off. I only wipe with IPA when changing resins or after say 5-10 prints and I want to check for burrs.

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