Prints keep failing

After making some amazing prints with my Form1, it seems that lately just about all my prints started to fail. While I normally try to fix everything myself, I came to a point where I really don’t know what to do anymore. I’ve attached some images to show what happens with almost all my prints. The quality of the images is really bad (I had some focus problems), but I think they do show all of the issues listed below.

  • Support structures are curved, interrupted, or don’t print at all.

  • There is a lot of ‘dirt’ on the model, some faces look nice and clean, others are really rough, this doesn’t come off in the alcohol bath.

  • A lot of really thin ‘membranes’ (I don’t know if that’s the right word) sticking out of the surface of the model.

  • Especially with larger models, I often get failed prints where it looks like they fell on the floor and a piece chipped off.

I’ve tried lots of things to try to get better prints, including:

  • Altering orientation of the model and the position on the platform.

  • Trying a lot of different settings for the support structures.

  • Bought a new VAT, because I thought clouding might have been the problem.

  • Trying smaller, bigger and simpler models.

  • Filtering and renewing the resin.

But nothing seems to help and the failed prints are occuring more often and are getting worse. Out of my last 30 prints, just 2 were quite alright, but not by far what they used to look like.

I will make a ticket about this as well, but I was wondering if someone in the community was having similar problems and was able to solve it…

Thanks in advance for any help and response!

Oh, I forgot to mention I’ve tried differnt layer heights as well. 0,1mm gives the best results, 0,025mm always fails…

Thanks for opening up a ticket, Emiel. Our support team will get back to you soon. The issue at hand, just based on looking at your photos and the problems you’ve described, is likely related so a hardware issue, and our team will help you diagnose it.  The protruding elements, in particular, point to an issue with the laser-spot on your machine, but the support squad will help you get to the bottom of it.

Hey Emiel did this ever get resolved? I’m running into a similar problem with mine now. I put in a support ticket and waiting to hear back. I tried redesigning my model and rotated the orientation and it failed in a completely different spot so I don’t think it’s my geometry. I’m now printing the butterfly clip to see if it also fails.

I have encountered similar issues - great prints and then not. I opened a support ticket last week but still haven’t gotten a reply

Hi Richard and Josh,

My problem certainly got resolved, it took 3 days before I got my first reply. After that they let me run a test and asked some questions and it turned out that unfortunately my printer couldn’t be fixed anymore. But without hesitation they’ve sent me new one, which arrived a couple of weeks ago and has been printing perfectly since. Hope your problems will get solved as well!

Hi Richard and Josh,

We have seen both of your tickets come through, don’t worry.  Unfortunately we are experiencing a bit of a backlog, but we will get back to both of you by the end of the day.  We’ll help you troubleshoot your hardware and take care of you both!

Great Ford, I look forward to getting a response and getting this frustrating issue resolved!