Failing Builds

Can anyone figure out why my builds keep failing?

I’ve attached pictures of what’s happening but anything I do doesn’t change a thing, the build platform is sitting a whole 1.0 mm  deeper in fine tuning and its just about attaching to the platform.

Luke, I see that you have submitted a ticket so we will followup with you today there. The bases on your print look very thin from the photo you sent. Healthy bases should be at least 1.7mm thick for supports to generate properly and moving the build platform further away (not closer) will actual help (counter intuitive I know). It also looks like there are some ragging pieces hanging off your part, so there could be something else going on here too.

We have a test print you can run through your machine which will help us diagnose and get you taken care of.

Looks like your laser is bad that causes ragging and failed supports and generally failing prints. By the way the term ragging as used by formlabs is the name for those kinda flat flappy bits all over your print. They can be formed when you laser lens starts to die which is a common problem. When the lens goes bad light disperses out from the laser causing stuff all around the laser point to get partially cured resulting in those flaps. Do a laser spot test and if it shows the light all spread out especially if you can see a squarish area around it then you know it’s the laser.

OK I’m waiting on a reply from my support ticket, but if that’s the case then the printer needs to be replaced which will be my 3rd printer I’ve had since receiving the first not even half a year ago.

Yeah, it happens. I’m on number three myself.

Check out this thread about laser failures. It has pictures of what a lase spot test looks like on a degraded laser.

Ok did that and it does look like the laser is screwed as well. It’s more of a line than a dot. Will post pictures in a bit.