Prints falling halfway through printing

I am using dental model resin for dental models. My prints keep falling off halfway through printing. I used a new resin tank, and liquid since this happened to my prints with my old resin tank. I notice folds on my old resin tank so I assumed that was the problem

After I changed the tank, I printed several times with prints falling off 3-4 times when I tried to print 3 models or more. I tried printing two models and it is fine. The number of sprues are what the Preform have programmed. I always make sure there are no red spots in my Preform. I tried to submit requests to the support team but it says that it is changed.

I have wasted a whole litre of dental model resin.
Please help. Thank you

you are orienting your models flat. this results in a very large area of model being printed when it gets to the gumline an teeth crowns.
And this large surface area is having a hard time peeling without snapping your supports.

Try angling each dental arch a little to reduce the overall surface area of each layer. Angle them as steep as you can without getting supports on the side you want clean.

And also try increasing the point size of your supports.

You might need to adjust the fine tuning of the Z-axis, the base looks very thin, if it’s too thin you can adjust the settings to start a little higher:

If you use supports, you need to angle them more as suggested by Scultingman. This would also allow you to fit in more arches per print job.

I print models for orthodontic aligners and retainers directly on the build platform. I print solid models, whereas I noticed you have hollowed models. The solid models adhere well to the platform because of the surface area of the first layers, and the surface area diminishes with each subsequent layer. Also, I don’t have to worry about supports breaking or having to remove them post-print.

The only time I have had models fall off is when the base is distorted so that it is not perfectly flat. This can happen with aligner models occasionally due to how the aligner software perceives changes in the virtual root of the moved tooth, or gingival changes around a moved tooth. So you need to check that first layer on PreForm with each job to make sure each model is fully flat on the platform. If not, I use 3D Builder in Windows 10 to flatten the base, then re-insert that model into PreForm.

Saving a few cents with hollow models is not worth it to me compared to having consistently successful print jobs by printing solid models on the platform.

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