Printing without resin?

So I am soon to have a form 1 sitting on my desk.  However resin will be a little while longer.  If i just wanted to test print for a few moments to make sure everything works would it hurt the printer at all?

I noticed someone else posting about having a printer but no resin, was that some kickstarter deal or what?

Well its just that they ship from different areas. My printer literally came the day after it shipped.  Resin I believe is coming from the east coast so it will be a few more days

Hi Ryan,

Performing a “dry print” will not hurt the machine.


Allow me to add some additional info to my answer:

  1. Make sure you take out the resin tank before performing a dry run to protect the silicone layer

  2. If resin has ever been used in the machine, remove the build platform too. You don’t want resin to drip on the mirror below

OK GREAT!! thanks Jory

Good to know, thanks, Jory. :slight_smile:

I performed several dry runs on my printer when I first set it up, since I didn’t get my resin for about a week after I got the printer. All “test prints” were done without the build platform, but I had left the empty resin tank in so I could see the laser on it.

What kind of effects would the laser have on the silicone layer if there’s no resin in it?