Printing with my own resin tank using low-iron glass

Hi, everyone. I finally printed with my own resin tank using white clear glass. I made resin tank using low-iron glass(white clear glass) and acryl plate, because I thought glass would be more resistant to scratch than acryl plate in Formlabs’s resin tank.

I used the 4T low-iron glass with sylgard 184(80ml base +  8ml curing agent) and new clear resin. I set layer thickness as 100 micron and platform height as -0.7mm.

In output, the surface doesn’t smooth but this is my first success in my attempt.

Conclusion : It is possible to print using resin tank which was made by low-iron glass.

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Very interesting. The print looks good for 1st attempt. I would like to see a screen capture of the model in preform so I can understand it clearly. Thank you for trying this idea. I look forward to further discoveries.

Form1 can not adjustable 'laser power" and 'laser speed"

so it is not useful.

Temujin Kuechle//Thanks for your interest. I’m waiting for my new resin & filter paper. I will post further study.

Younsang Hwang//Please tell me more in detail. 만약, 제가 아는 황윤상 선생님이시면   choizza@gmail.com로 의견 주시면 감사하겠습니다.(_ _)*