Printing problems - missing support - missing supports


Now got my 3rd printer three weeks ago (replacement) and I am having just problems with this printer. Not one peace printed really as it should.

Here ist a compare of prints with the first second and third printer.

I will post more pictures so that you can see my problems.

I always do the full checklist before printing (mirror, filtering resin, massage for the silicon layer, …… and so on)

Mostly the outside of the prints do not look so bad but the inside looks terrible.

The formlabs support does not say a word - I opened up a ticket on 26th of February.

Has anyone an idea.

Thank you


Hello Klaus,

I’m sorry that your ticket has been overlooked! Our support team strives to respond to every query within 24 hours, so it sounds like some signals may have been crossed on our end. I apologize, and we’ll make sure someone is on your issue.

It does certainly look like your printer is having some issues – we’ll get to the bottom of it.


Now some more pictures of prints I did.

Number 01:

Outside o.k.

Inside - bad

Number 02

Number 03:

Number 04:

Number 05:

And now a picture of the first prints I did with this printer. The inside of the prints did not look good at all but after a lot of post working an painting it looks now o.k. The model is a blackly (Simuliidae) made out of 5 parts and ist over 30 cm tall.

LeiLei – well first off, WOW. That final piece is incredible. Can you tell us a little bit about what it’s for?

As for the parts that aren’t coming out – you should certainly open up a support ticket. It looks like there may be something amiss with your hardware. Send a note to with the details of your machine (you can refer to this forum thread as well), and they’ll take care of you.


The model will be used for a small exhibition here in Austria. „Life underwater“ shows the wonderful world underwater of mountain rivers and it will show animals that you normally do not see.