Printing on minimal resin?

Hey all,

So I need something printed in clear, though my clear resin is down to minimum just above (and I mean litteraly just above) the minimum bar. Would it not be a good idea to print?

What’s the volume of the print? If it’s very small, it might work. You would increase the likelihood of success by making sure the printer is near perfectly level, so that resin doesn’t “dry up” from one corner before another - or you might want a bit of tilt if you’re just printing in one corner / side of the build platform.

Not too big, probably 10 x 2 cm. Though if the resin runs out is there a chance it can damage the tank? Also I noticed the platform would stick a little to the bed of the tank after each peel. I was thinking this could be due to the low volume of resin not completely submerging the tank.

@Edward_Peretti The minimum line is actually where the PDMS starts, so keep that in mind. It won’t damage the tank if you pause it right away if there isn’t enough resin left, but it’s risky. I’d keep a close eye on it!

Thanks Roxanne. Yeah best not to chance it then :wink:

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