Printing molds/forms for PDMS


I mean realistically each layer line is 25ums at best so at the <10um level it’s gonna be bumpy no matter what. I’ll take some microscope images today of the mold and the PDMS cast and post them. GOnna be a few hours before they’re ready. I’m curious about it myself. I’m using the PDMS as a chemical reactor for nanostructure polymers. Don’t really care about the surface (at the moment - maybe it’s important in some way). Another thought I had is to try releasing the PDMS from the mold when it’s 80% cured. hypothesis: You might get a surface relevelling effect. Maybe worth a quick scan in the literature. I say this because I was impatient and released my PDMS too soon. I ripped it in one place during the detachment process. But when I checked a few hours later I couldn’t find the rip. The PDMS had self healed. I’m gonna check again for the rip and make sure I wasn’t dreaming.


Mold surface (greenish images) at 4x and 10x . best zoom I could get given geometry of microscope and mold itself.

PDMS orange coloured images at 4x and 10x (PDMS is transparent so used transmisision light not reflection). Can make out layer lines in some images.



The two scale bars on the wide area orange PDMS image should be like to 500um bar in the first green one.


Thanks a lot for the images. I think the 2nd orange PDMS image shows pretty rough surface of grey pro rein. I am experiencing the same with standard grey resin. I got the same kind of surface features with microscope.