Posting again: Mold Making Help?

My plan was to make a mold of my printed parts, but I can’t get the platinum silicone rubber to harden on resin parts. Does anyone have a reliable workflow? I’ve tried:
–using Smooth On Rebound 25 rubber and it won’t cure
–spray painting the parts with clear acrylic paint to seal them. This only helps marginally.
–Spraying parts with mold release. No help.
–Post-curing parts by putting them in a warm oven for a few hours. Still doesn’t work.
I could really use some help. Printing on a Form 1+ in Black 2 and also in Makerjuice SF.

I do a LOT of resin casting. a least I used to.

If you are getting inhibition to cure you need a barrier between your part and the rubber. Platinum silicone is notorious for this issue. You need to cure the part fully, wash in hot water and soap and then prime the model ( I use spray can automotive primer) or seal the seal the surface with a coating that does not inhibit the cure of the rubber. Use a good mold release Mann or other to aid in a secondary layer to ensure that raw print resin is not touching the rubber.

It looks like you are doing this already…

If all ells fails and you do not need Platinum cure for heat or other requirements try a Tin cure.

The primer I use is Duplicolor Sandable
I cure in a UV serializer before hot water wash and primer

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