Printing item with movable parts

Is any one tray to print item with movable parts with the porm printer?
I tried and all parts was connected.
It seems that porm don’t know to make the space between the parts.

It seems that you are trying to print a single assembly with moveable parts. It can be done. Be sure that there are large enough gaps between each part and that each part is supported correctly.

I do not print parts like this as you have better control to properly support each part for the best print. Then just assemble everything when you are done.

If you post up the .form files and/or pictures it will be easier to help.


We also have a design guide available that touches on clearance distances here:

formlabs-design-guide.pdf (42.3 KB)

and an additional assembly writeup that might be useful to you here:

Designing for the Form 1.PDF (2.3 MB)

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