Interlocking Parts on Form 2?

Hey gang. So here’s a dumb question: is the Form 2 able to print interlocking parts in one go? I’m thinking about trying this Pangolin as a test ( and have seen others with FFM machines print him in one piece with movement. Is the Form 2 capable of this? I was sure with the SLA tech. Also, I assume it should still be printed with supports vs direct on the best? Thanks!

By “one go” you mean print the whole animal together in one go so it comes off hinged together? I’d say no to that one. A while ago someone on the forums was attempting to print one ball/socket joint…eventually he gave up.

If you mean putting all of the pieces on one platform with supports, then manually assembling after the fact then yes as long as you printed them small enough so they all fit on the platform.

That’s kinda what I thought. I did mean to print it fully assembled. On the FFMs, it prints as one piece then you just need to “crack” apart any parts that are accidentally connected. (Wow that was a bad explanation.)

You can successfully make interlocking parts with a FL2. The issue is modeling the correct clearances between all possible contact points.

I have made hinged pieces that rotate about a shaft and other movable pieces that look as though perfectly connected but not. No breakaway is needed as the supports keep the parts in proper locations and separated. Once the supports are removed you have an interlocking parts.

Pangolins are no exception BUT you need to be certain that the required clearance is found at all parts of the scales.

The clearance works out to 0.02 inches.

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Based on @alan1950’s comments I’d be super interested in seeing your results if you give it a go @chris_ell

Good luck!

I think I might try it. Sadly, it looks like the model is in individual pieces, so I don’t know if I could position it with enough precision on the bad to make it work. I’ll up date as I go.

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Well, did he print all cute and cuddly? Sure. Is it jointed…nope. Fused hard as a rock. I guess the model’s joints don’t have enough clearance. I’d slim it down, but don’t have the time right now.


Well at least it looks purdy! Nice print regardless.

Naturally this was the second thing I tried to print on the new Form2 at work… Yup, cute as a button, but solid as a rock.

But thanks to this thread for confirming it is just clearance issues.

Would you be able to share an image of what you were able to print (the hinged pieces as you wrote about)? I have a pretty simple hinge to print and am wondering if yours is similar so I can know if I can print it “in one go”.

You’re going to have to leave a pretty significant gap, like 0.5mm, otherwise it’ll likely fuse together. The Form3 should be a bit better in that respect.