Looking for model of Form 1+ build plate assembly

Has anyone modeled this? I want to print an extra build plate. I am buying a used printer that has a missing plate. I can mount aluminum to it and finish the design as needed. Thank you.

I am working on an adjustable one so I can use the cheap import tanks and will work on f1 tanks. Not complete or tested yet as I need to get a piece of aluminum and assemble it and test. If it work good I will be posting the plans and cad files for people to use, tweak modify etc.

The moai tanks need special adjustment?

The tank I picked up that fits those has the pdms layer over 3.3mm lower so the build platform doesn’t touch. I made this but need to get a beefier base plate at least 16 gauge. It is fully adjustable so if I decide to recoat my own tanks I can adjust for the height differences and filling won’t be critical.

Part was cast in urethane from parts printed on the F1+. I used a reusable mold material from Composi Mold which you simply warm it up in the microwave and pour it into a container for a frame.

Anyone with an FDM could print this in one piece out of abs and that would work better I think.

If you don’t want to go through all that work you can check out the Flex Vats that come with a build platform and 3 inserts for $165 (basically 3 tanks) and replacement inserts are I think $15 for the pdms.

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