Can the Form 2 print working assemblies?

I am sorry, I know this is probably stupid question. I have looked around but I get overwhelmed with all the resources.
For instance, can you print a working adjustable wrench? If so is there a link to explain how this is done?

The supports and gaps needed between parts normally make it impossible to print useable assembled parts.

I would check Thingiverse, here is an example of one.

To add a bit more details : the printer can print multiple parts at once, however these parts have to have enough clearance between one another (0.5mm as per ).

The biggest challenge when printing assemblies is the supports. While you can print a screw and a nut together, the have to be oriented in such a way that both parts are supported independently (for example, you wouldn’t be able to print a sphere inside a sphere, if you get my drift). For 2-3 parts assemblies, depending on how the parts fit together, this can be fairly straightforward but for more complex assemblies it can be very challenging.

Makes sense, thanks!
I will have to start doing some experimenting.

Let us know how it turns out :slight_smile: