Printing (ink) on a 3d model

Hello Everyone.

I am going to buy a Formlab Form 1+ in the near future. The detailed models you can print look amazing!
Just out of interest, I was wondering if it’s possible to print ink (with your avarage printer) on the hardened resin?
This would be nice for printing business cards or something similar.

I would guess it wouldn’t be possible, and you would probably just wipe off the ink, however, maybe one of you has already tried this and can tell me if it was a succes or not.

I’m looking forward to ordering my printer and experimenting!

Kind regards,
Alex Vermeer

I have no idea if you could print on to the resin with an average printer since they require paper thin type medium. I don’t see how it could be possible with the current state of design for the Form 1 to be able to print color overtop of the plastic either. I have read about Z Corp having full color 3D printers but you could imagine those will run you in the 10s of thousands of dollars.

Here is another promising looking 3d printer that can do full color and uses paper instead of plastic to create the 3d prints. Pretty interesting. Not sure of the cost though since they don’t have it listed on their website.

That’s what I thought as well… The idea came to me when I saw this video:

But I guess that would mean stopping a print halfway through and changing resin color (somehow)… Which I don’t think is possible with the Form1+ (yet)!.

Paper printing looks very promising, However, I just ordered my Form1+, so I’m not going to invest in something else right away ;).


The MCOR colour 3d ‘printer’ costs around £10k (UK sterling) plus 20% tax. Strictly speaking it’s not really a 3d printer, more a combination of inkjet printer and paper binder/cutter, but it makes pretty awesome full colour models a hell of a lot cheaper than the stratasys/objet end of the market.

Ya, I had never heard of it before until just today. I just did more research on it and I’m pretty amazed at what it can do. The prints supposedly feel like they are made out of wood which makes sense since it’s just a bunch of thin layers of paper. I could see myself having lots of fun with that printer, not that I’m don’t have fun with my Form 1+ :wink:

The best part is since your prints are made out of paper if you are not happy with them you can recycle them since it’s just paper. I guess though they wouldn’t hold up well if they got wet. Still though if the printer wasn’t so expensive I’d be tempted to get one.