Blue cast x10 resin

Just bought the blue cast x10 resin for my FORMLAB 3 printer. Can anyone help me out and let me know which format to print on? Also if primer is necessary and anything that you might suggest. Thank you!!!

I don’t think you can use that on Form3.

Buy a cheap Chinese LCD printer from Amazon and it prints blue cast perfectly.

You need to buy a universal cartridge for this. With regard to the regime for the resin, I now use mode for black resin, like it turns out well.

Where would I be able to purchase a universal cartridge?

So I pretty much spent 3500 on the printer for nothing it seems like.


Thank you much!!

If you are aiming for jewelry printing, there are so many options better than Formlabs.

You will see what I mean after you run this printer for a while.

Last week I just finished some prints for jewelry casting, I gave my friend 3 pieces printed by Formlabs, 3d systems dlp printer, a Chinese machine with bluecast resin.

The best result comes from the Chinese machine.

I wouldn’t doubt it. I made a mistake by buying this for jewelry printing. But I will try and see what it can do for the meanwhile. What brand of Chinese printer are you talking about any details?

Check Amazon.

4k, mono-LCD, 3d printer, those are the keywords.

I bought the Anycubic Mono for $250. It works perfectly.