Bluecast x10 in Form3


Hi, I am extremely disappointed with castable purple. I can’t get it to cast correctly. I purchased my form3 about 2 months ago and I almost wish I went with another brand. My goal was to go from print to casting with near perfect results, without all this extra jazz of adding oxygen to the furnace and all those extra recommendation.

All that said, I’m forced to turn away from formlab resins.

So Bluecast x10 seems very promising. Can the community help me set up my form3 to print with bluecasts x10? Is this possible with near perfect results every time? Am I way to wishful or is this achievable? Help me please…


Unfortunately, I don’t think 3rd party resin works on Form3.

Buy a small LCD printer for $200-300. It works pretty well for jewelry printing.


Contact Bluecast Italy, they have a solution to print Bluecast resin in the Form 3


This is a really interesting and burning question. I also bought the Form 3 for a purple resin print with further casting, but I ended up using almost the entire resin cartridge, a couple of bags of molding material and only got 100% disappointment.
One can start by saying that Form 3 prints this resin very poorly. Geometric (flat) products have a very poor surface, but even this is not the worst, since the main reason is that I could not completely burn out this resin even at a temperature of 950 degrees Celsius. I kept the flask at this temperature for 3 hours.
After these experiments, I bought a “PHOTON Mono” printer on Aliexpress for 200 euros and used Blucast10 resin. Yes, this printer has its own problems when printing, but they are predictable, since these are problems associated with the technology of illumination of the entire layer at once and they can be predicted. But the resin has shown itself from a very good side, both in printing and in casting. Even if not all of my castings are perfect, the photo shows a ring that weighs 40 grams and it spilled out of silver just perfect. I would really like Formlabs to come to terms with its ambitions in the development of resin for jewelers and, together with Blucast, developed a resin and a mode for Form 3, then I would be pleased with the purchase of this printer, but at the moment I would not advise my friends to do this the same mistake I made by purchasing this printer.


The key problem of Formlabs for the jewelry industry is the lack of fine-resolution due to the laser beam size and also the peeling mechanism for each layer. I mean for some big size prints, it is good enough. But when you talk about a small ring or earring at this level, the so-called 25um of XY resolution from Form3 is far worse than a 47um XY resolution from a cheap LCD printer.

Also, I don’t think Formlabs has the interest to step into the jewelry industry. In another way, the current Form3 printer printing resolution is good enough for Formlabs to jump into the dental industry which is way bigger in market size compared to 3D printing in the jewelry industry.

If you are a jeweler, I would recommend getting a DLP or LCD printer instead of a SLA printer.


My issue is castability of the resin. The prints are actually very good.


Hello, from the Formlabs Jewelry Team - we have an exciting announcement for you coming next week. Relevant to this topic! Stay tuned.


Yes, good big ring print, but try to make a good 1 g gold ring print (rate the details).


Awesome! Might it be the new resin blue coming out…


The plane on the side of the supports is always uneven, missing. For this reason, you will never get a good print at an angle to the platform (as the automatic support setting suggests).


Oh wow, this could mean any number of things!

Amos please give us a clue!

My guess is a new version of castable wax.


Let’s hope this one is actually castable…


yes this is the greatest problem of form 3 that the support side is ugly, uneven and not to use …in the next days i became a Frozen Sonic mini 4k for 329€ , ten times cheaper as the form3!!!

Why did the support team nothing say about this problem on form3!!! what is the solution???


Any update on this?


Although not related to the OP’s Formlabs have announced a new castable resin:-


We’ll have more to share tomorrow - be sure to sign up for our launch announcement! We will be live with Patrick Diggins from the jewelry team, and able to take your questions.