Printing Hydrogels with Form 1+

Hello All !

I am a Chemical Engineering Ph.D. Student in Montana State University, Wilking Lab.

We have modified our current Form 1+ set up to use it to 3D print hydrogels.
Hydrogels are good candidates to study microbiology and tissue engineering by entrapping cells in them.

To do that, we first modified the print head and resin bath of current Form 1+ . This allows hydrogels to stick on silane coated glass slide, since they won’t stick to aluminium surface.



Then we have formulated a resin with following: PEGDA as a monomer, LAP as a photoinitiator and chlorophylnn as a photoblocker.
With our current formulation and methods, it is possible to print high resolution hydrogels.



This platform allows us to entrap microbes and study microbial events such as interactions of two different bacteria strain.

For more information, please see our latest paper:

I hope this post helps you to push Form1+ 's limits even more !

Don’t hesitate to contact to me for questions.