Attn. FORMLABS New type of Peel Layer

Saw this last night on CNN. I think this could be the answer to the tank degrading issues, But that’s for someone smarter then me to figure out and the nice thing, They are just own the road from you.


That is pretty amazing stuff. I especially loved the mayo and the BBQ videos.

That’s not the only product like that and it might not work for the purpose of printing, since it’ll be a different material and has some other requirements as well.

Looks like a hydrophilic coating that reacts with water based substances. Works like a car hydroplaning and is used quite a bit with catheters. If that is what it is I had thought it would be a great way to work with a water based resin., Problem is with that is the water base resin would cross link to the coating making it have a short life span if any at all. I don’t think a coating like that would work with the acrylate based resins since they will just get gummy and stick anyways.

Maybe it is a different technology?

Looking at the graphics, the surface of this material has very fine faceting. Wouldn’t this tend to spread the laser light coming through the material.