Breakthrough in hydrophobic surfaces

University of Rochester managed to make an extremely hydrophobic metamaterial (by laser-etching the surface). There are no coatings and there’s nothing to damage or wear out (unless you actually ruin the surface of the material itself).

This might have huge implications on SLA printer industry.
The surface etching process might be adapted to repel the resin similarly well, replacing the PDMS and FEP layers commonly used on SLA vats, somewhere down the road.

Whitepaper here:

Very cool I can only imagine the possibilities if this stuff is cheap enough

This is awesome news. I remember first seeing the hydrophobic coating in action and my mind was blown. I’d love to see this tech applied to the 3d printing industry :smile:

It’s certainly not cheap [yet]… This method used an extremely high-power laser (Terawatt range I think,) and it took something like an hour per square inch of treatment.
Resinphobic glass would be great though Should last forever.

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