Printing half then leaving the rest on the bottom of the tray

I have trid several orientations angles and positions. This is a new tray. It prints the supports fine but half way through it starts printing a shadow in the bottom of the tray.

I tried increasing the support sizes and printing nose up and nose down. I can’t understand why it prints the supports but not the part.

What does your resin tank look like? If it has pits and is cloudy that can very easily be the case to why you are having this repeating failure. FormLabs article on damaged tanks.

This was a new tank when I started this project

I had recent issue where a large print kept failing which destroyed a new tank. So I would still check the tank. You can drag the scrapper across the tank to see if there is clouding or pits.

My above issue turned out to be a laser issue. Which you could also look into but that is harder to diagnose. You could start, by checking the mirrors to see if there are any visible issues. There is also a laser spot test that you can preform. However, after a conversation with FormLabs, they told me that the spot test doesn’t always do a good job with indicating laser issues, so take it’s results with a grain of salt.

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