Printing directly onto solid object

Hi All,

I’d like to use a form 2 to print directly onto a metal disc, rather than the normal build plate.

I want to attach a 3d printed shape to metal discs, and for this application it doesn’t really matter if the adhesion between the two materials is poor - it is much more important that the bond is incredibly uniform and free of air bubbles.

Has anyone tried something similar, or see any pitfalls with this approach?

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How thick is this metal disc? This is a pretty unconventional application that we haven’t tested but with a sufficiently thin disc, it could work. The Z fine tuning function will allow you to compensate for up to 2mm of offset.

Thanks for your reply Frew.

Unfortunately the disc is 4mm thick so out of range of the fine tuning function. I was thinking that it should be possible to modify a build plate so that it matches the original depth once the disc is attached.

You could try using a very thin CA (superglue). If you put glue all over the print and slide it around on the metal disc it should be free of bubbles and very strong, but you may need to practice a could of times

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