Printing defects: hollow inside


I’m experiencing the problem you can see in pics 1 and 2. I’m using a pretty new formlab2 with clear resin version 2.
The printing file is showed in pics 3. Any suggestion?





Enclosed parts like this work best when the open end prints first, so there isn’t a large enclosed volume of uncured resin. That should fix this issue.

What Ben said…


It’s off topic, but what is going on with the tips of these supports? I have not upgraded to this version yet, and after seeing this, I’m not all that sure I want to.

In my experience, it is (almost?) always better for tips to intersect the object as near to perpendicular as possible to minimize the damage to the surface. Also, the right-hand tip in the red circle has a strange vertical jog in it (and it looks like many others do as well). Why is it doing that?

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