Printer stops after 1-2 hours of print and fails code 25

I just acquired a printer from a local person and just as the title says, the printer prints for about 1-2 hours then fails displaying a code 25 error. I have reset to factory and even re-uploaded the most recent firmware. Can someone please help.

Did you try a full power cycle of the printer (unplug, leave it for a min, replug)?

without doing a factory reset?

I don’t think the factory reset will hurt, I’m just asking if you totally de-powered the printer (I can’t remember if the instructions for factory reset ask you to unplug the printer or not). Sometimes having it unplugged and wait a bit before plugging back in can fix things.

If that doesn’t work I’d suggest you ask customer support.

I reverted to the previous firmware and started another print. So far it has printed longer than the previous times. If this does not work, I will try to unplug as you mention and have it power cycle. I have also submitted help to customer service. I reached out to the person I bought it from and they did say they had upgraded the firmware before I went to pick it up as I had asked to see it working while I was there. This is why I reverted back to previous firmware.

Do you remember which firmware you were on before, by any chance?

Yeah the latest one. 1.19.13 Nov 12, 2019. It still stopped and gave me code error 25. This was using 1.19.12.

OK, well, hopefully the previous firmware will resolve it. I’m not aware of any known issues like this in that 1.19 firmware, but going through Customer Support will get this correctly filed in our system.

It didn’t resolve it sadly. I sent Customer support an ticket today. I hope they contact me soon.

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