Printer stopped working

Hello all,
I was working late last evening. There was snow fall outside and I had to go home fast before the road gets covered with snow. We have a single tilt slider window In a urge to go home I forgot to close the window and my printer was near it. Today morning I tried to switch on the printer and it has stopped working. What shall I do now?? This happened because of my mistake and I’ll have to pay for it. If you know any solution to make my printer work well again?? I need some suggestions urgently. Please help.

I was informed that after warranty expires its $800 to do a repair. how much water was it exposed to?

I’d encourage you to get in touch with our support team before further handling the printer. Often when water gets on electronics boards, it’s the act of turning things on that actually causes shorts and does damage rather than the water itself. You should unplug the machine and leave it in a dry area.

I was going to suggest a hair dryer or a fan to speed up the drying. and a warm room. but if it fried a board when you switched it on it will need to be replaced.

Yesterday i tried hard to make it work… But I was not able to do it… The window was open the whole night, so I think the interior will be drenched. if I leave it to dry will it work?? Hope nothing is damaged inside… Will try to work on it today and if it does not work, I’ll have to inform it. George, are you sure that it’ll cost $800 for the repair??

I would leave it in a dry area for a few days and see if that helps. It’s hard to say exactly what would be damaged, at the very least it could be some kind of power supply, but that could have also damaged some of the other parts of the printer so they’d have to check which electronic components are still working.

That’s what I was told. That would be an estimate depending on how much you damaged and what boards got fried. Plus you need to ship it back in the original box or buy one from formlabs. I had to do that. like $50 plus shipping costs on top

I would put a fan on it to dry it faster

Thank you guys for your suggestions… It somehow started working, but it has many problems. I think that it has to be repaired soon. It is making some kinds of noises when turning on… So before the entire thing goes off, I should try to repair it soon.

Eeeeek. Best of luck to you!

I actually had my automatic yard sprinkler go off one night when I was burning out a flask with Form prints in it for jewelry, and it drenched my small kiln that was in the outdoor kitchen. I thought the kiln was ruined. I turned it off, and left it for several days to dry. Now it works fine.

I hope your printer survived…please keep us posted!